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This event took place on February 1st, 2023. You can find a recording of the event on our YouTube Channel.

On February 1st, GlobalWE Connect will hold the fifth event in its Women’s Empowerment Fireside Chat Series featuring Vital Strategies and its Vice-President, Public Health Programs Division and Acting Director, Data Driven Policy Initiative for Women’s Health,

Sharon Kim-Gibbons.

About Vital Strategies

Vital Strategies is a leading global public health organization and a trusted partner of governments and civil society organizations around the world. They help governments acquire the knowledge and tools they need to make rapid progress against cancer, heart disease, obesity, epidemic diseases, drug overdose, road crashes, and other leading causes of disease, injury, and death.


Their unique combination of expertise in data-driven decision-making, policy-making for health, strategic communication and advocacy, and program implementation allows them to take a broad and multifaceted approach to address today’s leading public health challenges, manage large-scale health initiatives and help shape global health priorities.

Registration is free, with a suggested donation of $10 to support GlobalWE programming.

The event will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, February 1st at 9am ET. 

Meet Our Speaker

Sharon Kim-Gibbons

Vice-President, Public Health Programs Division and Acting Director, Data Driven Policy Initiative for Women’s Health

Sharon Kim-Gibbons is a program management and operations professional, working in global and US domestic public health for over two decades. Sharon started her public health career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bolivia, and has since worked with International Planned Parenthood, Engenderhealth, Columbia University, International Rescue Committee, Village Health Works, among others. She has resided or worked in Latin America, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa and the United States. She arrived at Vital Strategies in 2017, with a multi-functional role supporting all programs within the Public Health Programs Division. With a long career focus in sexual and reproductive health and women and girls in particular, she is most excited to spend much of her time on Vital Strategies’ Women’s Health program, working closely with government and civil society partners in Rwanda, Uganda and Bangladesh.

Sharon graduated from Seoul International School in Seoul, South Korea, earned her Bachelor of Science dual degree in Finance and International Management from Georgetown University in Washington, DC and her master’s in public health from Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health in New York City. In her free time, she most enjoys traveling, reading, documentary films, crossword puzzles, skiing and city walks.

About Fireside Chat Series
Launched in 2021, the Fireside Chat Series features dialogues with senior leaders of organizations serving women and girls worldwide and the challenges and opportunities they encounter in a rapidly-changing world. The first four events in this series featured BRAC and BRAC USA, Women for Women International, CAMFED USA, and Special Needs Initiative for Growth. 

GlobalWE Connect is an initiative that connects Harvard University alumni with organizations leading the way globally for women’s empowerment in the arts, social services, education, health, economic development, entrepreneurship, policy, STEM, and other fields. GlobalWE Connect provides a forum for discussion with these organizations and hosts a Women’s Empowerment Expo, which enables these organizations to engage with Harvard University alumni and students as well as professors, staff, and other members of the Harvard University community who seek internships, volunteer, mentorship, career exploration, and charitable giving opportunities.