Get Involved.

We encourage all Harvard GlobalWE members to take an active role in our growing organization. There's always work to be done, so please consider pitching in! In addition to welcoming members to donate their time in areas in which they have experience and/or have interest (there's always a place for you!), volunteer help is most urgently needed in the following areas. Should you have an interest in any of the following positions, and/or to become more active in Harvard GlobalWE, please email [email protected] or fill out this form.

Essay Contest Opportunities

Established in 2015, the Harvard GlobalWE Essay Contest was established to invite students from around the world to think critically about the status and rights of women both within and outside their own societies.  The contest is open to students in 11th grade in select schools globally. 

Essay Contest Managers: Our Essay Contest Managers work with the GlobalWE Board to market our GlobalWE Essay Contest, read submissions, and follow up with students and schools. Working on our Esssay Contest is a great opportunity to learn firsthand about issues facing women and girls worldwide, and to interact to interact with people from different cultures, religions, and countries who care about women and girls. Watch our video here to learn more. 

Essay Contest Readers & Graders:  We are looking for reader/graders for our GlobalWE essay contests. If you'd like to join a reading team, please let us know! It is fascinating to read student essays in response to our question: "What is the biggest challenge facing women and girls in your country today?" Contests that will need reading team volunteers soon are located in Turkey, Pakistan, Boston, and elsewhere.

Essay Contest Online Community Leader 
We have gathered our Essay Contest winners across the globe into community with one another via a Facebook Group.  We are looking for someone to serve as leader and community organizer of this international group of contest winners, inviting new winners to join at the end of each contest, and creating community and conversation across countries and cultures among all the students who have written eloquently about our shared mission.

The role involves monitoring the essay contest winners' Facebook group activity and membership, creating content to spark discussion about women's empowerment, and engaging with the community members who are essay contest winners from around the world. There are plentiful opportunities to implement new ideas including virtual events. (Please note, Harvard Alumni or Affiliates are eligible for this role)

Programming Team Opportunities

Looking to curate and bring forward programming ideas for our members? Join our programming team! The GlobalWE programming team is responsible for ideating and curating events, both in person and virtual for our members spread all over the world. We try to bring in speakers and pick topics which have a global appeal.

Discussion Circle Leads
We are looking for volunteers to identify topics in the news impacting women and girls for future Discussion Circles. These volunteers would plan, execute, and potentially facilitate the discussions, which we anticipate will be held every other month. Discussion Circles are currently hosted virtually and may be held in person in the future. The estimated time commitment is 2-4 hrs/month.

Event Leads
We are looking for volunteers to help with programming ideation, curation and management, and execution. Our programming encompasses panel discussions, our annual Student/Alumni Roundtable, and movie club discussions. You can learn more about our wide range of programming here. This position would require 2-4 hrs/month.

Connect Team Opportunities

Launched in 2021, Harvard GlobalWE Connect is an initiative that connects Harvard alumni with organizations leading the way globally for women’s empowerment. Connect’s programs include the annual Women’s Empowerment Expo and the Fireside Chat Series. 
Volunteers can contribute by:

  • Identifying long term partnerships for social media engagement and supporting GlobalWE Connect outreach
  • Strengthening relationships with past Expo participating organizations and facilitating opportunities for Expo organizations to connect
  • Assisting with the execution of our annual Women's Empowerment Expo connecting members and friends to 20+ organizations yearly.  Areas of support are needed for our hybrid Expo (both virtual and in-person options) and knowledge sharing after the Expo
  • Creating an online "hub" for past and current organizations and attendees to network
  • Depending on your interests, we’ll match you accordingly with the tasks. We anticipate a commitment of 2 hrs/week. 

For our 2023 Expo, we are also looking for volunteers in Boston, who: 

  • Are available to support Expo logistics on 03/25/2023 from 9 am - 3 pm ET (at the Harvard College Science Center), including welcoming guests and speakers, answering audience questions, coordinating with speakers 
  • Can help promote the event by placing posters on campus leading up to the event

Marketing Team Opportunities 

Our Marketing Team is responsible for marketing our 15+ yearly event offerings, sharing the news of our SIG in quarterly newsletters, building online community with our social media sites, and designing annual fundraising campaigns.

Social Media Team Co-Lead
We are looking for a passionate and creative volunteer to help with our social media platforms.  As a Social Media Team Co-Lead , you will be working with our current social media lead. Both leads will be jointly responsible for developing and implementing our social media strategy in order to increase our online presence and brand awareness and improve our marketing. You will work closely with the Marketing Chair and with the Design Lead. 

Specifically, we would love your help with:

  • Posting across social media platforms with appropriate  hashtags and tags
  • Posting event and news content relevant to the GlobalWE mission twice weekly
  • Replying to queries or comments on social media
  • Creating campaigns, as needed, using campaign monitor
  • Designing strategy to increasing followers and audience engagement 

This role requires an average of 1-1.5 hrs/week with some variation between weeks depending on tasks. 
(Please note, Harvard Alumni or Affiliates are eligible for this role)

Membership Team Opportunities

Our membership team is responsible for membership and volunteer recruitment and engagement. We manage our database of 1800+ members, actively recruit members through relevant Harvard events, and lead volunteer onboarding. 

We are seeking a volunteer to help us compile, clean, and analyze our current databases of members and friends, event attendees, volunteers, donors, and social media followers to create a "source of truth" document for current membership engagement.
(Please note, Harvard Alumni or Affiliates are eligible for this role)

Development Team Opportunities

Behind every successful organization there is a smart fundraising campaign. If you are curious and have an interest in shaping this behind the scenes pillar of GlobalWE’s work, please reach out. No previous experience needed, but enthusiasm, creativity and a good sense of humor help when engaging with potential sponsors & donors and thinking big when developing new fundraising opportunities.

Treasurer Team Opportunities

Harvard GlobalWE is seeking an accountant with non-profit/501(c)3 accounting or audit experience to assist the Treasurer with reviewing, once a year:
* The organization's 501(c)(3) status and good standing with federal and state regulations.

* The organization's existing accounting methodologies and internal controls.
* The organization's Board oversight and management duties and responsibilities.
Time commitment is minimal (hours).

(Please note, Harvard Alumni or Affiliates are eligible for this role)

While there are always ways to donate your time and experience to GlobalWE, we understand that many of our members may not be able to donate time to the organization. Harvard GlobalWE membership is free, however we encourage our members and attendees to support our work through donations. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer-run organization, we welcome and thank you for any support you can provide.