GlobalWE Connect

An initiative connecting Harvard University alumni with organizations leading the way globally for women's empowerment

GlobalWE Connect is a new initiative that connects Harvard University alumni with organizations leading the way globally for women’s empowerment in the arts, social services, education, health, economic development, entrepreneurship, policy, STEM, and other fields. GlobalWE Connect provides a forum for discussion with these organizations and hosts a Women’s Empowerment Expo, which enables these organizations to engage with Harvard University alumni and students as well as professors, staff, and other members of the Harvard University community who seek internship, volunteer, mentorship, career exploration, and charitable giving opportunities.

2021 Women's Empowerment Expo

The 2021 Women’s Empowerment Expo will be held in a virtual format over the course of two Saturdays in April on the topics of health (April 17th) and education (April 24th).

Please visit the 2021 Women's Empowerment Expo event page for more information about this exciting event.

To learn more about volunteering with Connect, please contact Barbara Barreno-Paschall at

Past Participating Organizations

The following is a list of past participating organizations in the Women's Empowerment Expo.  If you know of an organization that might wish to participate in a future Women's Empowerment Expo, or if you are a part of an organization looking for further information or to register as a participant, please contact:


GlobalWE highly encourages our members to do their own reasearch before getting involved in any organization unaffiliated with Harvard. Harvard GlobalWE does not advocate a specific ideology or agenda; the views expressed and actions taken by the organizations listed on this page are independent of Harvard University and Harvard GlobalWE.

Join Team Connect

The Connect team is looking for volunteers to join the team. Areas of support include: organizational outreach, marketing, communications, and event logisitics. We appreciate any time you can afford to support this new initiative.  

If you are interested in joining the Connect team, please contact:


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